Tuesday, June 19, 2012



What can I say about whales? I’ve seen them blow geysers of hot water

on the coast of Canada and Norway. Great innocent beings with small

brains living in peace, but for man. So much meat and fat; have you ever

tasted whale meat, it is dark and tender but it has to be soaked overnight

in vinegar or it will taste like cod liver oil. In the old days its fat made liquid

was good to lit lamps. We have got electricity now, so if you want a steak

kill a cow, they are plentiful, mind they are innocent too, graze and do not

know they are targeted to end up as burgers. The whales have a complex

language marine biologists say I don’t think it is hard at all, they are saying

in surprisingly feminine voice … where are you? I’m here two miles away

from you and watch out for boats, with propellers”. “Ok, thank you”

Sven Foyn, the whale murderer, nearly hunted them to extinction with his

exploding harpoon gun, but thanks to a few nature lovers this cruel practice

ended… Today there are many whales in the ocean sooner or later someone

will say there are too many of them, we have to cull them and make a little

money on the side. And unseen by us, but known by whales, a dark hulled

ship with a captain Ahab onboard is still hunting for an illusory white whale.