Sunday, March 8, 2015

Beer Drinker

The Beer Drinker
Seven, the shop in the village closes at eight, something my wife ok. I took the narrow road the one that has trees on
both sides it is a bit longer and I did not have to do this but I had
been drinking beer didn’t like to be stopped by eager police they
have been coming down on foreigner, giving fine for anyone over
the legal limit they get a percentage of the fine.

 In the middle of the road, I stopped light from my car casted
a un- earthly impression and I saw wolves crossing the road,
wild boars galloping as avoiding an enemy or enemies, hares
in burrows and glades trembled. The nightlife of the damned, their
night was not a cosy fireside where fairy tales were told, a struggle
to survive this night, to forage food, they are more scared of each
other than of me. Life of wild animals is short sharp and painful,
 - or is it- yet we have no right to interfere  for they are free and
live a life that within its confine has mirth and happy pairings.

And then the full moon came I got out of the car undressed
and bathed in its blue, silvery light, shivering but it was
worth being at one with nature which we lost and still think
we can regain. My wife never got her the garlic, but I was not
bitten through the night, but my love for the woman who

married someone else still appears in my dreams.