Friday, October 30, 2009

थे ब्रोव्निंग

The Browning

Hard times, awoke in a bed with a woman I hadn’t
seen before, she snored. Running down to the docks,
gone the ship, my home. The scorn in dockers faces,
it is a great shame for a sailor to be left behind.
In my pockets coins for a beer to steady my nerves
and remember I had fifty dollar in the watch pocket,
A motor boat idling gave its driver the money, down
the river we caught up with my ship, the captain took
take me onboard with a scowling face.

Hard times, had me working nights, but wanted a full
breakfast in the morning. 14 hours a day, the crew liked
my cooking, it didn’t help what the crew thought.
In Hull a new cook came one, as the captain said, that was
reliable, the crew said:”we are sorry to see you go”, but not
one of them spoke out for me. So the lesson is, forget
the crew, be a friend of the boss and he will understand
your flaws smile and say:” don’t do it again. He will like
you because he think he has got the power over you

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