Monday, November 16, 2009

अ उसेफुल poet

A Useful Poet
This is a new document I don’t know what to write, should I be soft spoken
(I do feel like shouting) or should I try to rhyme? Like never mind the truth
As long as it sounds good. I could write about cats, dog, birds and butterflies,
people like that and there is a perception that poetry should exude peace
and tranquility and we must know by now that that is not true. My king is
going to war again and have asked me to write a poem that makes people
jingoistic ready to fight a wrong war, (all wars are wrong) and since I have
been given a medal. as a man for all seasons I must comply, but I do feel like
spitting on my own grave for it is not possible to be a poet and not defending
those who starve and needs a voice to speak and defend their cause.

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