Tuesday, December 8, 2009

वर्ल्ड record

World Record
The clouds on the sky, sheep wool of the whitest kind
ready to be made into jumpers and wooly winter socks.
The sun shone meekly in the background so the wonder
could be admired by those who cared to look up.
A gray, loose fleece came floating along it had belonged
to the world longest living sheep which had reached
the venerable age of twenty three, had had its own pen
and lived in air condition splendour. Yes, a ewe; and as
she got older others sheep’s dumb baaing annoyed her,
she had contempt for rams’ clumsy advances, thought
she was a human and trendy, had her own popular page
in facebook with photos and many bleats. As her fleece
drifted westward, dark clouds filled the sky, much colder
now and it began to rain.

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