Tuesday, June 15, 2010



On the food chain chicken score badly, millions of them are eaten every
year, I used like chicken wings; well they are not going to fly anywhere.
Soon chickens will lose their wings, not like sergeant loses his stripes, but
they have no need for them in a factory farm. All soldiers are brave- until
they are arrested for depravity- the bravest ones fight in Afghanistan, in
an army that has been mostly privatized. Soldiers kill people for us, even
If we protest, it is about duty and honour for them to do so. No one beats
the British in doing military funerals, they have such a long practice.
The Brits have a long warrior tradition, working class people are especially
proud of that. Like the chicken feed the masses, they feed the cannons.
I like chickens they put their heads on a block for us, chop, chop, chop.
The west fights war everywhere now, wants to make their presence felt,
but there is a quiet desperation in all this they are no longer in charge,
the Far East is the future and that is ok, when Europe is a byline, and US,
merits two lines, because its biggest industry is Wild West movies, Europe
can become a theme park, where Thailand’s single, or not or not so lone
men can come for a sex holiday

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